New Year Superstitions in the Philippines

New Year superstitions Philippines

Filipinos are very superstitious people. For every life event, there is a superstition in play. While living modern lives, Filipinos still live by deeply-ingrained superstitions, one way or another. We have New Year superstitions in the Philippines and a lot of them revolve around luck for the coming year. So what are the most common […]

Christmas Food Delivery in the Philippines

Getting food delivered to your homes has become the norm in the Philippines. Ever since WHO declared the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020, food deliver services have proliferated in the country. So it should not come as a surprise that Christmas food delivery in the Philippines will be quite popular this year. Until recently, only […]

5 Most Popular Christmas Dessert Recipes in the Philippines

Christmas dessert recipes

No Filipino party is quite complete without a sweet treat to end a feast. Filipinos love to serve savory dishes but at the end of every meal, there’s always something to tickle the taste buds some more. There are plenty of Christmas dessert recipes in the Philippines. Luckily, the Christmas in the Philippines ebook has […]

12 Best Places for Christmas Vacation in the Philippines

Spending the holidays away from home is always an exciting idea. It’s fun to experience a different culture and celebrate Christmas some other way than what you’ve been used to. The Philippine Islands offers a one-of-a-kind holiday experience. If you’re planning to spend your Christmas vacation in the Philippines, you are in for a treat! […]

12 Children’s Christmas Party Food Ideas


Christmas is all about the children and presents, parties and new things. In the Philippines, people hold Christmas parties left, right and center. Children attend parties in their school, churches, communities and even in their parents’ companies. In most of these events, food is brought potluck-style. In this article, you will find delicious Christmas party […]

Holiday Eats: Kare-Kare

Kare-Kare peanut-beef stew

Kare-kare is another favorite dish in most Filipino households. It is considered an everyday dish but it is so well-loved that it also merited a place on the esteemed Christmas table. Kare-kare is an oxtail peanut stew often eaten with shrimp paste as a condiment. There are many ways to cook this dish but for […]

Scenes of the Filipino Christmas

Filipino Christmas: SM City Davao

The holidays is just around the corner and it would be interesting to see scenes of the Filipino Christmas. It feels to festive and exciting! Have you wrapped those presents yet? Christmas is all about giving: giving presents to ones we love and giving back to the community. Giving does not have to mean wrapping […]

Monito Monita: The Filipino Secret Santa

Monito Monita Christmas gifts

Christmastime is a time for giving gifts! We give and receive presents more freely during the season because everyone is feeling a bit more generous. If you’re spending Christmas in the Philippines, be prepared to participate in group gift exchange called Monito Monita. Gift Exchange Though Christmas is centered on children, the spirit of gift giving […]

Holiday Destination: Cebu City

Bantayan Island, a virgin island hours away from Cebu City

Known as the Queen City of the South, Cebu offers a perfect marriage between the old and the new. It is home to the oldest street in the country, Calle Colon and the oldest religious icon brought to the Philippines by the Spaniards, the statue of Sto. Nino de Cebu housed in the Basilica Minore […]

Holiday Eats: Crispy Pata

Crispy Pata

Lechon is perhaps the most festive of all Filipino dishes! But for people who don’t have access to lechon or find it beyond their budget, crispy pata is a great alternative. Just like the equally tasty lechon kawali, crispy pata has the same crunchy pork skin and flavorful meat, only the former is made from […]