New Year Superstitions in the Philippines

New Year superstitions Philippines

Filipinos are very superstitious people. For every life event, there is a superstition in play. While living modern lives, Filipinos still live by deeply-ingrained superstitions, one way or another. We have New Year superstitions in the Philippines and a lot of them revolve around luck for the coming year. So what are the most common […]

Monito Monita: The Filipino Secret Santa

Monito Monita Christmas gifts

Christmastime is a time for giving gifts! We give and receive presents more freely during the season because everyone is feeling a bit more generous. If you’re spending Christmas in the Philippines, be prepared to participate in group gift exchange called Monito Monita. Gift Exchange Though Christmas is centered on children, the spirit of gift giving […]

Simbang Gabi: The 9-Day Filipino Christmas Tradition

Baclaran Church during Simbang Gabi in Manila, Philippines

Simbang Gabi is a religious tradition brought by the Spanish to the Philippines. Nine mornings before Christmas Eve, Catholics wake up very early to go to church and attend mass. Most Filipinos believe that whoever attends all nine morning masses until Misa de Gallo will have a wish granted. Everyone attends Simbang Gabi starting on […]

Christmas for Filipino Children


Just like anywhere else in the world, Christmas in the Philippines revolves around children. Christmas for Filipino children often means receiving more gifts and being the center of attention, especially on the day itself. Perhaps this is because the first Christmas was about the infant Jesus who was born in humble manger. Pamamasko – Caroling […]