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Christmas is no doubt the most awaited season of the year for the Filipino. It’s the season that brings out the best in everyone. Filipino celebrate the longest Christmas in the world.

The Christmas in the Philippines ebook will let you bring the Filipino Christmas with you wherever in the world you may be. Browse through the pages to find delightful holiday recipes, guides to holiday-friendly destinations and stories that will spark memories of Christmas spent in the Philippines.

Get your copy of the Christmas in the Philippines ebook and relive the spirit of the Filipino Christmas wherever you are in the world. The book will be your guide to traditions, recipes, holiday destinations and even decor DIYS for the season.

The book also includes a special gift for children and children-at-heart: a Filipino Christmas-themed coloring book you can enjoy! Click below and fill your hearts with cheer this season!


Here you can view the table of contents for the Christmas in the Philippine ebook:


I. The Longest Christmas in the World

  1. The Melody of Pamasko: Christmas is all about the children
  2. Monito and Monita: The filipino version of secret santa
  3. Simbang Gabi: Nine mornings to Christmas
  4. Penunuluyan: The quest for sanctuary
  5. Christmas Parties: Everybody does it
  6. Noche Buena: The most-awaited feast
  7. Paputok: A show of lights in the sky
  8. Christmas Day: A family affair
  9. Media Noche: Welcoming the new year
  10. Feast of the Three Kings: End of the holidays

II. Traditional Decor

  1. Parol
  2. Belen
  3. Christmas Trees
  4. Westernized Ornaments

III. Food On the Filipino Christmas Table

  1. Crispy Pasta
  2. Crispy Pasta
  3. Hamonado
  4. Kare-Kare
  5. Embutido
  6. Lumpia
  7. Bibingka
  8. Maja Blanca
  9. Buko Fruit Salad

IV. Popular Christmas Destinations

  1. Metro Manila
  2. Cebu City
  3. Davao City
  4. Boracay Island
  5. Baguio City
  6. Tagaytay
  7. Bohol
  8. San Fernando City

V. Christas DIY

  1. Make Your Own Parol
  2. Make Your Own Tamborine
  3. Make Your Own Christmas Card
  4. Make Your Own Tree Ornament

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