Becoming a new parent is a surreal experience. All the firsts are committed to memory, especially the baby’s first holiday. Getting the best Christmas gift for new parents is one way to make the season even more memorable.

New parents are eternally happy and perpetually exhausted. I would know, I have a 20-month-old. If you ask me, the best gift is the gift of sleep. And the next best gift is something that will make our lives easier and, if possible, even happier.

Here are some gifts you can give new parents or future new parents this year. I swear by most of these items so you can trust that you’re giving something useful.

Best Christmas Gift for New Parents

As I’ve said, sleep is would be the best gift. New parents sleep when the baby sleeps. Something that will help the baby sleep longer will definitely make new parents jump for joy.

Lavender is known to induce restful sleep and is gentle enough to use on small children. An ultrasonic diffuser and lavender essential oil will bring sweet dreams to baby, and to mommy and daddy, too.

Young Living‘s Feather the Owl ultrasonic diffuser comes with a 5ml bottle of pure lavender oil. It’s also a humidifier and a white noise machine with four soothing modes: beach waves, rain, forest, and lullaby.

Best Runners Up

Cloth Diapers

Going green is all the rage these days and new parents can participate by opting for reusable diapers. Disposable diapers, while convenient, contribute millions of tons of non-biodegradable waste. Cloth diapers can be used, washed, and reused for an almost unlimited number of times, or at least until the baby is potty trained.

I personally use cloth diapers on my second baby. I figured disposables cost about P40,000 a year and we just throw them away. On the other hand, our entire stash of cloth diapers cost us about P20,000 and we can use them on our next baby.

Ergonomic baby carrier

Carried babies are happier babies. But an exhausted parent’s arms can only carry the little one for too long. This is where baby-wearing comes in. Gift the new parents a wrap or a soft-structured carrier — both are ergonomic for baby and parent. And another plus point? Mom or dad can do chores while the baby is safely in the carrier.

I baby-wear Little B. I use a Lille Baby soft structured carrier but we also have a Shadrach’s Collection woven wrap and an Ergo Baby 360 carrier. Any carrier that lets baby sit with legs in an M position should work just fine.

Stylish, Functional Bag

Moms will feel a little more stylish going out with baby when her things (and baby’s) are in a pretty yet functional carryall. There are thousands of diaper bags in the market. Find one that easily attaches to a stroller, has nifty pockets for wipes or at least a sturdy changing mat.

I like Jujube bags because they’re durable and very easy to clean. Most models have plenty of pockets for all the stuff I need to lug around when out with Little B. And did I mention they come in nice prints, too? My favorite is the Harry Potter Flying Keys line.

Best Gifts on a Budget

Thermal Cup

They always say new moms drink cold, stale coffee because the baby always gets in the way. A good thermal cup or tumbler ensures new mommy’s coffee stays hot or warm even after she forgets about it. You can have it personalized, too!

Strong Coffee

Since we’re on the subject of coffee, a pack or two of a strong blend will do wonders for new parents. Find out what they like or introduce a new blend that you swear your life on. Gift them a bag of ground or whole coffee beans. A cup of coffee to keep them perky after a sleepless night is a perfect gift.

Baby Book

New parents document everything and I mean everything. Facebook and Instagram are great archives of memories. But nothing beats an actual book they can write on, paste photos on, and attach fingernail clippings on. 😜 A quirky baby book will be a delightful gift for new parents this Christmas.

Best Gifts under P500

Face Masks

Because of the pandemic, masks have become in-demand goods. New parents or expectant parents need to be extra careful with a new baby in the mix. A good set of cloth masks or a box of surgical masks (if you can get some) will be greatly appreciated.

Nasal Aspirator

Babies get colds all the time. A handy, easy-to-use nasal aspirator allows parents to suck out the boogies from the little noses will let them breathe easily again. Throw in a bottle of saline nasal spray too and mom will thank you for it.


Babies, especially those who are teething, bite everything. A teether will keep the baby quiet and occupied for at least a few minutes. It will also prevent mom from getting bitten with tiny teeth! Make sure to buy something made of certified food-grade materials.

Where to Buy Gifts

Most of the items above can be purchased at a local department store. Online shopping platforms like Lazada, Shopee, BeautyMNL and Zalora also have these products. Specialty online stores like BabyMama, SM Baby Company, and The Baby Store PH are also great places to look.

Because of the pandemic, safety is of utmost importance. You can avoid going out and just shop online. You may use credit cards, cash cards, electronic banking, and even cash on delivery service to pay for the gifts.


Christmas reminds us of not just the child born in a manger but also of the new parents, Mary and Joseph. We live in uncertain times but for new parents, the gift of a new child in their midst is the best gift of all. The best Christmas gift for new parents (and for anyone, really) is the gift of love and hope.